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Game Summary:

 “Bizarre” is a challenging platform game with a linear narrative focusing on the player’s understanding that the game is the representation of a dream, therefore explaining the absurdity of the environment and the overall weirdness the game tries to express.

Core Mechanics:

The game is divided into levels, each level featuring a path around traps and platforms that the player has to discover to reach the missing piece and return to the starting point.
 Levels are short and focusing more on a “die and retry” aspect so respawning is fast.
Levels get increasingly more difficult with new traps introduced as the player progresses.
Beating a level gives the player access to a piece of narrative, this replaces the scoring system by making “Curiosity” the main motive for playing, in other words, the more you make progress, the more you know.


The game features a ball shaped playable character with missing pieces to it, the objective of the game being to assemble those missing pieces.
To do so, the player progresses by rolling on the x-axes and jumping on platforms to progress through levels with unique layouts.
The game’s difficulty encourages the player to focus on trying different paths through the level, dying and retrying immediately to learn and progress.


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